What We Offer

Beyond creative talent, we look to partner with the most motivated and passionate artists out there. We believe these are the artists who can fully benefit from all that have to offer.

Professional Audio & Video Production

Our audio and video production staff are experienced with the latest state of the art recording and filming equipment and work tirelessly to  create the very highest quality versions of your songs.

Reach Listeners In Over 200 Territories

We distribute to every major DSP and digital store around the world. You keep 75% of your revenue along with the freedom to cease the agreement after an agreed period

Cross-Platform Streaming Insights

We help you understand how your music is being appreciated online and help you increase social media clicks, likes, views and shares. We turn your music streams into valuable insights on how your music is being viewed or streamed with skip rates, completions, playlist history, and lots more.

Project Funding

When we see enough momentum, we offer you funding for your project. We usually take a few more percentage points and will recoup from the project’s earnings, but you control the creative budget and are free to make your next move after the agreed campaign. It’s a combination of your track record to date plus the judgement of the people on our team who will have to deliver for you.

Synch and Playlist Promotion

Our global team will seek opportunities to place your music in key playlists, plus film & TV, ads, movie trailers, and anywhere else we think we can help you get exposure. Synch and playlist support comes down to our team sincerely believing we can help push your songs to the right people. If we do, we will.