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G-Tech Records only joins forces with musical artists we think we can help. We can’t upstream everyone and we only work with artists we believe have a shot.

Up Coming Events

Hello Gambia..

Do You want to know what’s up?

G-Tech Records in partnership with Star TV are organizing a music Freestyle Reality TV show called ” THE STUDIO”.

The show is scheduled on September 30th, 2020 and will be Televised on Star TV.
For more information call: 276 66 08 / 365 52 28 / 707 89 57
Sponsors are invited.

How we work with our musical artists

We offer different deals to musical artists depending on their musical development and organisation. It’s a combination of your numbers, and the credibility and commitment of your team.

Our business model is based on incubating early stage artists on our platform and up streaming as many as possible. Once you’re in, our team will work directly with you to discuss an appropriate strategy.

We grow with you

Gaining Momentum

This level of management is for young and inexperienced musical artists who show true talent and the comitment to making a career in the music industry. You’ll have a point person at G-Tech Records to call your own. They’ll fool-proof your every move, guide you on stage craft, song writing and musical development, refine your social media marketing strategies, and ensure you’re always up to speed on best practices across the board.

Breaking Through

This level of management is for more experienced musical artists who are on the verge of making the jump into the big time. We work with and for you to develop your best song into professionally produced audio and video versions. You will retain creative control and we work to maximize your vision and then spread it to all the places and partners that matter most from international TV and radio stations to iTunes , YouTube, Vevo, FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Going Global

Musical artists who are established and building audiences but need a global partner to push things forward. Once you’re ready for this stage, we’ll rise to meet you and go all in with an G-Tech Recordings partnership. You and your team will meet with G-Tech Records, and we’ll work out a deal customized to your unique trajectory and needs. We take these meetings based on a combination of your numbers, our A&R team’s judgement, and your team’s history.

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